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The Trifecta of Promoting Within

By Dani Heimsoth, Project Engineer with Nexus 5 Group

I think every company that's growing, especially during difficult times, is something to celebrate. What’s even better is when you get to promote growth within. When you work hard and strive to go above and beyond, it doesn’t go unnoticed. We have three men that have proven their work ethic and recently have been promoted to Project Engineer, Construction Superintendent, and Project Manager.

Gavin Renft - Construction Project Engineer

Our first promotion is one that I am excited to share! Gavin Renft, our newest Construction Project Engineer. He is proof that if you work hard, have the drive and desire you can achieve and accomplish your goals. Nothing is handed out, it’s earned, and he has done that.

When Gavin started with us in 2020, we weren't sure about the general direction he wanted to go in his career. We thought the perfect spot to start would be on the mechanical team. We were excited to have a strong tech on the team and his future was looking bright. Then he comes in with a curve ball… he saw our open Project Engineer position and he applied. In the last year, Gavin has excelled and been such an asset to our mechanical team, so his application was a little bittersweet.

What Gavin doesn’t know (until now) is he had his own cheerleading squad in the office rooting for him to land this position. There were a few of us (me included) that were slightly skeptical. Having a happy and fun tech switching over to the office life? Yes. But his drive and eagerness have been wonderful to watch. We're so happy to have him around, even though we might have a few more chicken shootings around the office!

Cory Modgling - Construction Superintendent

We want to welcome our newest Construction Superintendent Cory Modgling. He might be a new Nexus 5 Group employee, but he is already part of the family.

We value our relationships with our subcontractors and clients. Cory comes to us from one of dearest subs, M&S Electric. The only way we would ever entertain the idea of Cory coming over to join us is with the blessing from our friends. Cory has been wanting to make a career change for quite some time, but took the leap and started going to school over the last year for General Contracting.

We're excited to have him come join the Nexus 5 Group. I think what makes it even more special is that being so close with M&S, we were able to give him the opportunity to make this career change. He will be on site seeing all the same guys again, just in a different capacity. Well done Cory, this is well deserved.

Tony Cowan - Project Manager

Last but not least, congratulations to Tony Cowan. Tony has had tremendous growth within Nexus 5 Group and has earned a well-deserved promotion to Project Manager. Here is a little backstory:

"I joined Nexus 5 Group in the summer of 2013 during my junior year of high school as a part-time field laborer. After I graduated high school, I began working in the field full-time until one day, I was asked if I wanted to come into the Corporate Office to help the Accounting Team. Months later, I had figured out that accounting was not my thing, but Nexus 5 Group was looking at creating the Project Engineer position. I started working with a Project Manager every day and from then on, I had decided that construction management was my future.

After a year of working in the office, I returned to the field, to be a part of the concrete crew that we had just started, with the mentality to gain more on the job experience. This field experience helped build my confidence so I could tackle my first commercial superintendent job. After that project I returned to the office as a Project Engineer and was given the opportunity to run a project from start to finish. I continued to work with the Commercial Division as a Project Engineer for two more years.

I moved over the multifamily side to assist Stan Phelps, Senior Project Manager, with Cohen-Esrey Apartment Investors (CEAI) projects by going on due diligence, budgeting, bidding, and performing quality checks on all jobs. Recently, I was promoted to Project Manager working on many multifamily projects. I take care of estimating and managing all third-party multifamily projects, and I continue to assist with all CEAI property budgets."


Congratulations gentlemen! Each of you are well deserving of these promotions and career changes. We look forward to watching your continued growth!

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