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Employee Spotlight: Sarah Dawson

By Tom Cowan, Director of Operations and Jessica Bell, Senior Project Engineer with Nexus 5 Group

Sarah Dawson's journey at Nexus 5 Group began over two years ago, bringing with her an extensive background in accounting that spans more than fifteen years. Her impressive professional history includes a diverse range of roles in accounting, from managing accounts payable and accounts receivable to overseeing collections processes. Sarah's dedication to her work and her commitment to delivering accurate results within the stipulated time frame have made her an invaluable asset to our team.

One of Sarah's standout qualities is her meticulous attention to detail. Whether it's reconciling financial statements, auditing accounts, or preparing financial reports, Sarah's keen eye ensures that every task is executed with precision. She consistently goes the extra mile to guarantee that her work is accurate.

Outside of Work

Beyond the office, Sarah is a person of many facets. When she's not crunching numbers, you'll often find her in the company of her beloved puppy, Daizee, with a good book in hand or engrossed in a captivating movie. Sarah also finds solace and joy in visiting local lakes and enjoying evening runs during the sunset. These moments of tranquility help to recharge her spirit and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Sarah's passions extend beyond her professional and leisure pursuits. She is a dedicated fan of the Denver Broncos, and when the football season rolls around, you can be sure to find her cheering for her team with enthusiasm.

Sarah is a devoted mother to three wonderful children: Kylie, Beau, and Kirstyn. Sarah and her children enjoy cooking together and it has become a cherished family tradition. The family also revels in the competitive spirit of board and card games, providing an entertaining and close-knit pastime for all to enjoy.

Sarah Dawson's presence at Nexus 5 Group is marked not only by her professional expertise but also by her vibrant, multifaceted life outside the workplace. Her dedication, attention to detail, and love for both her work and her family make her a valued member of our team and a cherished individual in her personal life. We're proud to have her as part of our Nexus 5 family.

“I thoroughly enjoy working for a company that embraces our core values. I love the comradery at Nexus 5 Group. We embrace wins as a Team and there is no other place that I’ve worked at that rallies around individuals or departments that are struggling and need a helping hand. It makes it very easy to contribute a helping hand when there is such an eagerness from others to help when you need it! Sarah DawsonAccounts Receivable Specialist with Nexus 5 Group

“Sarah is a great member of the accounting team. She takes charge of billing and collection efforts with a sense of quality and unwavering integrity. She is always willing to help others and does everything with a smile. We appreciate everything Sarah does for N5!” – Kristy Trupka Kristy Trupka – Accounting Manager with Nexus 5 Group
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