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Stan Phelps: The Backbone of Nexus 5 Group's Multi-Family Division

By Tom Cowan, Director of Operations and Jessica Bell, Senior Project Engineer and with Nexus 5 Group

If you've been around the multi-family construction industry for a while, there's one name you're likely to hear repeatedly: Stan Phelps. A veteran of this industry for over two decades, Stan has graced the Nexus 5 Group with his considerable expertise and leadership for the past five years.

His role as a Senior Project Manager in the Multi-family division is as expansive as it is essential, and his influence is apparent in the many successful projects and satisfied clients Nexus 5 Group boasts today.

Stan's journey in the construction industry began over 20 years ago.

From the early days of his career, Stan developed a keen interest and, subsequently, a specialization in the multi-family sector. His rich understanding of the field stems from years of navigating the industry's complexities, triumphing over its challenges, and delivering projects that consistently meet and often exceed expectations.

Stan's arrival at Nexus 5 Group was nothing short of a game-changer.

His wealth of experience immediately elevated our Multi-family division's competence and confidence. From project planning and budgeting to execution and quality control, Stan's hand in each project has been known. His problem-solving mindset has ensured the success of numerous multi-family projects under our portfolio.

On the personal side...

Away from the hustle and bustle of construction sites and project meetings, Stan finds solace and rejuvenation at the Lake of the Ozarks. An ardent nature lover, he treasures every opportunity to escape to this serene landscape. He is also an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan and attends every game as a season ticket holder. If you ever find him away from his desk, chances are he is at the lake, traveling all over the United States, or attending a Chief’s game.

Stan's talents and interests aren't limited to his professional work, love for the lake, traveling, or the Kansas City Chiefs. In a surprising twist, he is also an acclaimed contender in chili competitions! He's known to whip up a chili storm that can wow the toughest critics, bagging numerous accolades along the way.

We celebrate Stan Phelps

Stan is a testament to the rich tapestry of people who contributed to the success of Nexus 5 Group. His professional acumen, coupled with his fascinating personal interests, make him a great member of our team. Whether he's at the helm of a high-stakes multi-family project or holding the title of Chili King, Stan remains an embodiment of dedication, passion, and excellence. Here's to many more successful years together Stan!

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