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Employee Spotlight: Cory Modgling

By Tom Cowan, Director of Operations and Jessica Bell, Senior Project Engineer with Nexus 5 Group

Cory Modgling is a seasoned construction guy who has enriched our organization with his expertise and dedication. Cory decided to hang up his journeyman electrician hat and join Nexus 5 Group about a year and a half ago.

We couldn’t be more excited to have his hands-on experience and deep understanding of the various facets of construction. As a superintendent, Cory brings to the table a combination of technical knowledge and the ability to oversee complex projects... ensuring they run smoothly.

Recently, Cory finished up a project called Summit Pizza in Independence. (One of our upcoming Project Spotlights will cover this project in more detail!) The owners went out of their way to express appreciation for Cory. They mentioned his willingness to jump in and help during the final moments when they were moving in. Not because he had too, but because he wanted to contribute to a successful opening.

Outside of Work

While Cory’s weekdays might be filled with construction blueprints, safety protocols, and project management, his weekends tell a different story. A lover of the great outdoors, he often finds solace in fishing and hunting. The roar of a motorcycle engine and the satisfaction of crafting something beautiful from wood are passions of Cory’s.

Cory is originally from Austin, Texas. He moved to the Kansas City area in 2012. But his journey began much before that. He met Wendy, back in 2008 on a visit to the KC area. It was a decade later when they got married, in 2018. They recently celebrated the purchase of their first home, and they've jumped right into remodeling. Cory has four children – Justin (28), Jefferson (26), Jason (22), and Athena (18).

In a nutshell, Cory Modgling is more than just a superintendent at Nexus 5 Group. He’s a dedicated husband, a loving father, an adventurer, and an artisan. His journey from Austin to Kansas City, from being an electrician to taking on a pivotal role in our company, is testament to his commitment to growth, both professionally and personally.

We're proud and fortunate to have Cory as a part of our Nexus 5 Group family. Here's to many more successful projects and adventures, both on and off the job site!

“Cory is the addition to the team that you hope you find after several attempts. We were very lucky to have him right under our nose for a while and knew exactly how he operated and how he ran his people on the crew. The decision was pretty easy from our side…we needed him on the team. Being new to the role, he acted quickly and was a sponge when it came to learning the ins and outs of the position. Cory was assigned some big jobs that were very detailed. He took them on and ran them like a seasoned pro. Cory’s abilities to problem solve, make quick decisions, and willingness to ask questions has served him well and will continue to do so in the future. All things that make for a great site superintendent. I look forward to seeing him grow and see what he can do in the future.” Josh Green – General Superintendent with Nexus 5 Group

“Cory and I have worked together (separate companies) for many years. He was always the guy on site that always seemed studied about his scope and was always willing to help the job along even if it wasn’t his responsibility. He had a leadership quality about him in which I appreciated. We are happy that Cory chose to pursue a career with us. He has done a great job in a short time.” Tom Cowan – VP of Operations with Nexus 5 Group

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