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She Broke Her Ankle, We Stole Her Scooter

By Josh McDonald, Project Manager with Nexus 5 Group

“Where is my clipboard?” I thought, while searching for the one I knew was stashed in an office drawer or cabinet. The scooter had become so popular that I felt it was a good idea to create a sign out sheet. My kids don’t put as many miles on their scooters at home as we did those few weeks in the office. From timed races to a relaxing loop around the kitchen, we rode the wheels off that scooter.

Okay, maybe I will back up a bit...

So… Dani, unfortunately, hurt her ankle and, after some time working from home, rolled into the office with one of those knee scooters (or whatever they’re called). Well, being the mature adults we are, not may of us could resist the opportunity to take it for a spin.

A New Toy!

It was like Christmas morning! We had a shiny new toy, and we were going to come up with any excuse possible to utilize, maybe commandeer (possibly steal), the new office whip. For those who aren't aware, the eighth, yes…eighth, definition of whip according to Oxford will help you understand that last sentence.

8. INFORMAL•US a car. "I just got new wheels for my whip" - Oxford Dictionary

Dani Stranded?

In all honesty, we probably left Dani stranded at her desk a couple times while out joyriding the office shuttle buggy. While this was a frustrating and immobilizing injury, Dani took it in stride and joined in on the fun. After all, having fun and playing hard is at the core of who we are. WORK HARD, PLAY HARD. For us, these two are not mutually exclusive but are woven into everything we do.

It would have been easy for Dani to lose her sense of playfulness while weathering the injury. She didn’t. And this… this is one of the many things I value about our culture- the people. The people drive the culture.

Not many places would welcome scooter wheelies, races, and timed laps. We do. Not many companies welcome office shenanigans. It’s part of who we are. Not many coworkers would welcome others riding their means of transportation through the office. Dani did.

Company Culture

Culture is not created or maintained in a workshop, quarterly outing, or company picnic. Do those help? Of course. However, the culture that will be woven into the DNA of your company will take place daily. These are some of the reasons we're different. As quirky as it may be, these types of scenarios set the tone. They keep us grounded and lighthearted. They give us an opportunity to continue to weave WORK HARD, PLAY HARD into Nexus 5 Group.

This is just one of many examples at the foundation of SERVE WELL culture. Oh, and I have to go... I've got to get Dani's scooter back to her.

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