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Nexus Welcomes Our Two Newest Team Members

By Jessica Tonyan, Project Engineer with Nexus 5 Group

We are excited to announce that our team has grown by two! Although, it will be a few years before these newest additions will be on the payroll, both of these boys already have the job title of Assistant Superintendent as both of their daddies are Superintendents here at Nexus. We love to grow our team from within, so why not start at birth right???

Introducing the babies and their families…

Meet the Buller family!

Josh Buller started with Nexus 5 Group in April 2017 as a field technician. Since then, he has worked his way up the ladder to an assistant superintendent, but he didn’t stop there. He was recently promoted to a Superintendent.

Josh says “I wanted to be part of a company that I could move up and better myself in and I have found that at Nexus 5 Group. I love the people, culture, the work ethic... but transparency is beyond anything I have experienced with any other company.”

Josh and his fiancé, Katrina, met 13 years ago. The couple have three children - Ashlynn 11, Conner 5 and their newest edition Tripp. The family loves hitting the city and enjoying new restaurants, waterparks and trying to hit every park they can find. They have family in Texas and Oklahoma and travel to visit as much as possible.

Tripp made his grand appearance on July 1st weighing in at 8lbs 10oz and 20 ¼” long rockin’ a mohawk! Momma had a fast labor, and the family was able to go home the next day. Daddy says that Tripp is a wonderful baby and attests to how great a mom Katrina is. “She makes it look easy,” says Josh. Currently, Tripp loves to eat and get attention from anyone who will give it to him. The family is enjoying their new addition while missing out on sleep, but wouldn’t change it for anything.

Meet the Green/Draper family!

Emma Draper started with Nexus 5 Group in October 2018. She originally started with Cohen Esrey as a receptionist, but eventually made her way to Nexus 5 Group. She started as a Project Coordinator and was quickly promoted to her current position as a Project Engineer.

Emma says “I love learning something new every day, and I can normally accomplish that while working at Nexus 5 Group. I am supported by all of my coworkers to try anything new, and the fun we have is a huge plus!”

Emma and her fiancé, Josh Green, both work at Nexus 5 Group. Josh is a superintendent. The couple has two children - LynnLee and their new addition Jaxon. They have plans to get married in April of 2022. The family loves to spend time outdoors at the park or with their family.

Mr. Jaxon arrived on July 25th weighing 8lb 10oz and 21” long looking just like his Daddy. Jaxon is a very laid-back baby that LOVES to eat. Big sister is enjoying her new baby brother as well. “LynnLee is in LOVE with her new brother and is always wanting to hold him. If he starts to cry, she runs over to him and tries shoving a binky in his mouth—it’s the thought that counts, right?” says Emma.

Emma adds “I love watching Josh grow into this amazing dad. He keeps LynnLee occupied while I am nursing Jaxon, or him changing the countless poopy diapers—that he once refused to change.” The family is growing closer together and couldn’t be more delighted by their newest edition.

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Congratulations to all! Welcome to the newbies! God Blessed your beautiful families.

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