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Holiday Parties, The N5G Way

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

By Kevin Bartley, Division Manager and Val Price, Business Development Representative with Nexus 5 Group

We are told that Christmas comes only once a year… And that is true to an extent. Yes, we reserve one specific day to celebrate Christmas along with the other holidays that compose the Holiday Season. But the Holiday Party Season seems to go on forever.

Every year I have a dozen different parties to attend. (The burden of being popular, I suppose!) Whether it’s a company party, networking events or just at someone’s house, this year’s party treadmill was no exception.

Union Horse Distillery

Our tradition is to have an annual Cohen-Esrey/Nexus 5 Group corporate party. It’s a heartwarming get together that brings all the CE companies together. Starting with custom cocktails and ending with dancing, the event was once again held at Union Horse Distillery, a beautiful venue filled with food and libations and friends.

Bury the Hatchet

In addition to the Corporate Holiday Party, we decided to host an event with our field staff and technicians. We took over Bury the Hatchet in Overland Park and had Strang Hall cater an amazing meal. Then the competitions were on – to say we are a competitive lot would understate the true nature of what happened.

When it was all over, we awarded prizes for the winners and gifts to the techs suited for their jobs. This was a great time that gave everyone from the field time to connect and just cut loose. Congratulations to Garin Hansen our overall winner in the competitions and grand prize winner!

Strang Hall

Finally, we held our office staff party at Strang Hall in Overland Park. Josh McDonald, Sr. Project Manager, spearheaded this event and carefully selected some “out of the box” ideas for gifts. Rather than the traditional gift cards, Josh decided we were gifting “Nexus 5 Group Orange” shoes for the staff. Incredibly, everyone got a different style of shoe. Orange Crocs, Adidas running shoes, orange Uggs, Vans, and more were on the table.

The amount of work that Josh and his wife Jamie put into this was absolutely insane. Jamie wrapped and made bows for every single pair of shoes in the company. This effort was rewarded with a sea of smiles on everyone’s faces. The Superintendents also received a gift package of Milwaukee accessories professionally wrapped by Josh Green and Tom Cowan.

The 2022 holiday party season was a huge success! We certainly set the bar high for next year. Stay tuned in 2023 to see if we can top this one!

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