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Employee Spotlight: Jessica Bell

By John Hinman, Managing Director with Nexus 5 Group

Jessica Bell (formerly Jessica Tonyan) is the glue that holds us together. From keeping several project managers organized on multiple projects (submittals, payment applications, contracts, change orders, subcontracts, meeting prep, schedule updates), managing the marketing materials, company clothing, training of new team members, organizing all community impact events, being our liaison to AAKC (Apartment Association of Kansas City); Jessica does it all and does it all very well!

"The thought of Jess Bell brings a smile to my face! She is quick witted and a pleasure to work with. She has a great attitude and is always eager to help. Jess is a multitasker. I always have 15 projects going. If it wasn’t for Jess keeping me in line, handling my job startups, following up with my subs that have neglected to sign their contracts, or manipulating NS1 so I can get my jobs into the system, I wouldn’t be able to focus as well on my responsibilities." Jerry Lindsay, Senior Project Manager at Nexus 5 Group

The First Project Coordinator

Prior to starting at Nexus 5 Group in 2014, Jessica was working at an early childhood daycare center. She was initially hired as an accounting assistant, but shortly after she was hired, we knew she was ready for another role. Jessica became the first project coordinator for Nexus 5 Group.

She has helped train almost every person in the organization in some way. From project managers, to project engineers, project coordinators, our VP of operations and myself... she has trained us all. Jessica has her fingerprints on every part of this company and is an important part of our ongoing success. She is steady in the face of ever changing priorities and shows up with a smile every day. She enhances our culture and lives our core values. She is an unofficial counselor and many bend her ear for advice.

The First Project Engineer

After the project coordinator position, she moved into the first project engineer role. Jessica has always been very flexible as new roles have been created. Since she has worn many hats along the way and has grown professionally as the company has grown in size, she knows almost every role in our organization.

"Jessica wears a lot of hats in the office and is always busy doing something but will always take time to answer questions and lend a hand. Jessica is the glue that holds our office together." Stan Phelps, Senior Project Manager at Nexus 5 Group

Outside of Work

Jessica is the mother of three and is happily married to her husband Chris. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends camping, 4-wheeling, boating, swimming and basically being outdoors.

Jessica has been integral to the success of the company as we've grown and developed new roles for everyone very quickly. Jess is always ready to jump in and help in any way to help us move forward as an organization. We are truly blessed to have Jessica on our team and look forward to many more years together!

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