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Employee Spotlight: Emma Draper

By Josh McDonald, Project Manager with Nexus 5 Group

When I met Emma, she worked across the hall from Nexus 5 Group. Her laugh and her smile brighten the office. Little did I know that she would ultimately join the Nexus 5 Group team and become an important part of our growth, culture, and spirit.

Emma, a Northwest Missouri State Bearcat, began working for Nexus 5 Group in October 2018 as project coordinator. This might be one of the toughest roles we have. The coordination, communication, and knowledge it takes to be proficient in this role is off the charts! She learned quickly and excelled.

Project Coordinator to Project Engineer

As Nexus 5 Group continued to grow, a project engineer position became available. Emma was ready for the next challenge and opportunity, so she took on this new role.

I clearly remember the first few site walks with Emma; explaining the ins-and-outs, mechanical, electrical, and overall construction process. She soaked it all up. Her background wasn't in commercial construction. The amount of information can be overwhelming and intimidating. But you wouldn't know it based on the way Emma responded and took things on. She hit the ground running and was exactly what Nexus 5 Group needed in a project engineer.

Emma's organization, communication, follow-through, and ability to juggle a thousand different pieces while proactively prioritizing tasks has been invaluable.

A Match Made in Construction

We all appreciate and value Emma, but probably not more than Josh Green, Nexus 5 Group superintendent. He developed a small crush on Emma. In early 2020, after sneaking around work on secret lunch dates, they publicly shared that they had been dating. Emma and Josh were engaged later that year at the Grand Canyon and are getting married this month (April 2022)!

Emma and Josh are raising two beautiful children, Lynnlee and Jaxon. Emma is a wonderful mom and loves her family. When not spending time at family events, Emma enjoys taking trips, exploring new places, and spending time adventuring with friends.

“Emma is truly a special person and a valuable team member who is irreplaceable. Her attention to detail and organization skills are unmatched… holding everyone accountable, especially myself. In a profession that can be stressful at times, you can always count on Emma to bring a smile to the office and lighten the mood. We are very lucky to have Emma on our team.” Brent Hastings, Project Manager at Nexus 5 Group

Above all, Emma is a key part of the success and capabilities of Nexus 5 Group because of who she is as a person. As a project engineer, it's easy to hide in the shadows. However, Emma greatly enhances our ability to #servewell and deserves the spotlight we are shining on her in this employee spotlight. Her values, character, and personality will continue to drive her toward future challenges, and I look forward to her next chapter at Nexus 5 Group!

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