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Employee Spotlight: Clifton Printy

By Kevin Bartley, Division Manager with Nexus 5 Group

As many of you know, I have mentioned the growth that Nexus 5 Group has had over the last few years. In 2019, when we began the rebuilding phase of the business plan, we were looking for specific people for key positions within the company. We were interviewing many people and looking for someone that would fit into the culture we were building.

In April 2019, I interviewed Clifton Printy for a Tech Position.

Clifton appeared to be a mild mannered and well versed technician with many years of experience. To Curt Ledom and I, he looked to be the right guy, but then we soon learned that he was not the best fit for that specific job. Hold up.. don’t get ahead of me here! Over the first year of employment, I saw that Clifton had potential to not only work as a Lead Technician but he had the drive and personality to be a leader within the Group.

In 2020, we started the Mechanical Division with basically zero employees except a Project Manager and Clifton.

Clifton jumped right in with both feet to start helping build this division. In only two years, Clifton has really shown he is up to the challenge and doesn’t back down from anything. The thing I respect most about Clifton is that he absorbs everything he hears and is always willing to learn… Even though he hasn’t been in mechanical construction for long,

I love to look at things and tweak them. I want to make things better. But as a father, a husband, and a manager I’ve matured enough to understand that fixing everything is impossible and only partially satisfying. People matter. I believe in people. Nexus 5 Group allowed me the opportunity to gain experience and support the growth of others. I embrace a cartoon character view of the world. I believe in a plausible reality. I will not succeed in solving all the problems in the world, but I’m going to try. It starts with Faith. That is where Nexus 5 Group came in. We have a Core Value of Team Member Fulfillment. It means we believe in the best from one another. I have faith that there is good in my peers, my managers, my clients, in subordinates and in my vendors. I accept that they make mistakes, but look for the good in that relationship and build upon it. I believe by edifying people I make myself better by believing in them. The implausibility of fixing the world will not hinder my effort. Every success is worth the effort and every failure only drives me to be even better than I was before. It sure does feel nice when someone says you’re doing great. Keep it up! But what I really want to hear people say is, “How can I help you do better?” - Clifton Printy, Superintendent Mechanical Division

Clifton has come a long way in a short amount of time.

He is truly the type of employee that walks the walk as we say and for that, the entire group appreciates and thanks him for what he has brought and continues to bring to the table.

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