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Take Your Kid to Work Day: An Exciting Day of Learning and Fun!

By Tom Cowan, Director of Operations and Jessica Bell, Senior Project Engineer and with Nexus 5 Group

Nexus 5 Group was excited to welcome ten kids ready to learn about what their parents do at work. It was Take Your Kid to Work Day, an annual event that gives children a chance to explore the world of work and discover what it takes to succeed in the workplace.

We were delighted to host these young learners and show them what we do every day. We had planned an exciting day of activities for them, including meetings, tours, safety training, and arts and crafts.

Welcome to Nexus 5 Group

Our first activity was a meeting with John Hinman and Tom Cowan to introduce the kids to Nexus 5 Group and explain the basics of our business. Then Brian Weber and Josh Green gave them a virtual tour of one of our job sites, where they saw many different tradespeople who work together to build a structure. They also got to see some of the tools and machinery we use to create our projects.

Next, we focused on safety, an essential aspect of any workplace. Buel McDonald gave the kids a safety briefing, explaining the importance of following safety rules and wearing protective gear. We also showed them some of the safety equipment we use, such as hard hats, safety glasses, and gloves.

After the safety briefing, we sat down for a delicious pizza lunch, where the kids could chat and ask us more questions about our jobs. We were impressed by their curiosity and enthusiasm, and we loved being able to share our experiences with them.

Building Plans and HVAC

In the afternoon, Josh McDonald and Todd Smith continued the learning activities by teaching the kids how to read building plans. We showed them the different symbols and measurements used on blueprints and gave them some basic tips for understanding these documents.

The final meeting of the day was led by Clifton Printy and Kim Epperson teaching the kids about the world of HVAC. They explained how a heating and cooling system works and how to properly use a thermostat.

The kids finished the day with arts and crafts led by Tom Hoelting and Susie Demiter. The kids were able to create and decorate their own flowerpots. It was a fun and creative way to end the day.

That's a Wrap!

Take Your Kid to Work Day is a fantastic opportunity for children to see the world of work and discover new careers. We were honored to host these ten young learners at Nexus 5 Group and show them what we do every day. We hope they left our offices feeling inspired and excited about their future careers!

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