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Nexus 5 Group's First Company Picnic

By Katie Reed, Project Engineer with Nexus 5 Group

Nexus 5 Group recently hosted an unforgettable event that brought employees and their families together for a day filled with fun. The company's first-ever picnic turned out to be a success, creating memories and strengthening the sense of community within the Nexus 5 Group family.

The event was a vibrant celebration of Nexus 5 Group's dedication to its employees' well-being, encouraging them to connect with colleagues on a personal level while enjoying an array of activities.

Food Truck Treats

The picnic's culinary offerings were a highlight. Attendees were treated to savory tacos and nachos from The Juan and Only Mexican food truck. The Kona ice station was a special treat for all the kids attending and provided a sweet relief from the summer heat.

The adults cooled off with frozen blue margaritas, sponsored by Jason with Blue Gurus. These signature drinks added a touch of flair to the event and were enjoyed by all.

A Kaleidoscope of Activities

The festivities weren't limited to just food and drinks. The social committee ensured there was a range of activities to keep all entertained.

For the younger attendees, the bounce house and face painting were a hit! The caricature artist captured personality on paper and gave families a souvenir to enjoy. Competitive spirit came out during the games of tug-of-war, while the live entertainment from the band "Don't Know Jac" had everyone tapping their feet to the rhythms.

The icing on the cake? Several of Nexus 5 Group's team members showcased their musical talents, adding a personal touch to the event.

A Day to Remember

Beyond the bounce houses and caricatures, the company picnic held a deeper purpose – fostering connections.

Nexus 5 Group recognizes that our employees are more than just colleagues. The picnic was an opportunity for team members to bring their loved ones into the fold, creating an environment where both professional and personal lives intertwine.

The event was a statement of Nexus 5 Group's values, emphasizing the importance of work-life balance, community, and inclusivity. It was a day that left everyone with smiles on their faces and a warm feeling of belonging – a testament to the fact that Nexus 5 Group is not just a workplace, but a family.

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