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Project Spotlight: The Reserve at Barry

By Jerry Lindsay, Project Manager with Nexus 5 Group

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on a project we recently completed at Nexus 5 Group. I frequently do this, as I'm always looking for ways to increase productivity, lower my costs in a competitive market, and maximize the Nexus 5 Experience for not only our multifamily customers, subs, and supplier partners, but more importantly for the property’s residents.

We recently completed a fairly large window and patio door project at Nexus 5 Group for a local Northland luxury complex located on 57 Acres, The Reserve at Barry. 296 windows, and 84 patio doors completed in 30 days. 30 days under schedule and exactly on budget. We had a slight advantage though, as we had completed 310 windows, and 62 Patio doors the year prior for the same complex.

Commitment to Excellence

This project had its share of opportunities, as do most (logistics, limited areas to work and stage material and waste containers, limited parking, residents working multiple shifts, etc.), but working in occupied units during a pandemic with related supply issues tested our core values and our commitment to excellence.

I couldn’t help but evaluate what went so right, and what makes the Nexus 5 Experience different and able to adapt to this type of unprecedented environment.

I think it boils down to relationships, communication, and attention to detail.

Relationships & Communication

Property and resident relationships: Coordination with the property is essential to the success of any project. Understanding and communicating expectations, timelines and resident needs is key. Proper scheduling to facilitate notices to residents minimizes resident inconvenience and makes the project easier on everyone. Let’s face it, construction is disruptive. In this instance we were able to schedule around reasonable accommodations, “night workers”, quarantined residents, and in one case a young resident’s nap time.

Team Member, supplier and subcontractor relationships: The property staff at this complex is very professional and outstanding to work with! Nexus 5 Group and our partners were given 90 days to prepare. Even with the production delays, our supplier was able to order the windows early, and store them so we had possession of all the windows and doors prior to the start of the project. I am happy to say we had no material delays or price increases, and the material was delivered daily, so we had no need to tie up valued parking spaces to facilitate storage.

Our subcontractor was on site with proper supervision, and everyone on his team worked independently, but in conjunction with each other. Production was maximized, but not at the expense of the experience. At Nexus 5 Group, we're blessed to have long term relationships with some great companies with great people!

Attention To Detail

We strive to leave nothing to chance. We have our own supervision on site to accommodate the property and resident’s needs. We have rubber tire dump trailers... As we remove the windows, we can load the shipping materials, debris, and potentially dangerous glass directly into the trailer. No need to handle the material twice, and again no need for bulky dumpsters taking up premium real estate.

We strive to keep the sidewalks clear of trip hazards, and the property clean and presentable for the residents. We roll magnets through the yard and under and around the trailer to prevent flats and potential injuries. We are able to collapse the frames of the windows and size the new windows, so they slide inside the existing frames. A simple caulk joint finishes the interior, and a minimal aluminum wrap finishes the exterior. The whole goal is to minimize the inconvenience to the resident. We can complete the entire installation in a unit in approximately 2 hours. After all, the best way to fix a problem is to avoid it to start with.

Every project presents it’s own unique obstacles and opportunities however, the pandemic amplified the need for effective communication, planning and attention to detail.

In summary, I feel our core values stood up to the tests the pandemic presented. The Nexus 5 Experience stood resolute and thru our relationships we were able to Serve Well! Resident satisfaction, and therefore property satisfaction is the heart of the longevity of our success.

“Nexus 5 exceeded our expectations once again. I greatly appreciate working with all team members of Nexus 5 Group and any subs in which you bring on to assist with projects. The communication, management, quality of work, and customer service provided are extraordinary. Thank you for everything you do for The Reserve at Barry, keep up the great work!” Jamie Jacob, Property Manager, The Reserve at Barry

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