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Why Your Resolutions Failed

By Josh McDonald, Project Manager with Nexus 5 Group

Well, here we are again. It’s the beginning of the year. Budgets are complete. Strategic plans are in place. Holidays are behind us. The busyness, the family gatherings, the parties, and time with friends have slowed. We've consumed more food and sweets than a person should have in an entire year. It was fun and exciting; it was tiring and exhausting.

Now, here we stand. Many of us are amid change… transition… growth. We have committed to better habits: exercise, a healthier diet, some form of betterment or empowerment, taking the garbage out before the wife asks, spending more time with our kids, etc. etc. etc. BUT, how many of us will finish this race?

Studies completed on this vary in results. However, most say 50%-80% of us will have abandoned our resolutions by February. By FEBRUARY!!! Six weeks in on attempting to create a change in our own lives and we quit.

But, why?

Was drive lacking? Were the necessary tools not available? Was it too difficult? Did we give up too easily? Were we distracted? I say yes to all the above and I believe it breaks down into three reasons.

1. We did not count the COST before the commitment - Change is difficult. It takes hard work and sacrifice; typically, more than we have accounted for before we start. It takes personal responsibility when many others are on a different path. It can feel lonely. It’s a grind.

2. We do not really know our “Why?”- We know we need change, but we have not tapped into a deep enough reason to continue to motivate us. For example, losing weight to look pretty is nice. However, beauty fades and so will your motivation. Losing weight to be able to run with the kids in the yard taps into a deeper sense of “why.” I will never get those moments back. I will never have a chance to create that memory for myself or my children again. That lasts a lifetime and beyond.

3. We do it alone - Whether this is intentional or not, we do it. Maybe we don’t share our goals with others out of fear of failure. Maybe it is embarrassing. Maybe it feels that it creates too much vulnerability and exposes the real you. Going it alone creates zero accountability. It also creates zero support. We need others to hold us accountable and support us during the difficult times. BUT, this takes risk on our end. We must be vulnerable and trust those that will support us on this journey.

So, what have you quit on?

Was it your exercise plan? Your family? Your business ventures? This is why #3 is SO important. Those we trust should pick us up, give us a kick in the seat, and encourage us to keep moving forward. You are going to fail. When you do, it is difficult to pick yourself up until you learn how to recover.

Those who are successful learn how to recover and move forward. They commit to the cost. They know THEIR why. They bring others on the journey with them. Be successful. Be inspired. Be gritty and motivated. Be YOU! …and bring a few others along for the ride. #workhardplayhard

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