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Two Simple Questions to Ask Your Team Members

By Clifon Printy, Superintendent with Nexus 5 Group

My goal at Nexus 5 Group is to help improve this company over time. Proper training is an important part of the process for everyone in the organization.

Training is the answer to most problems.

To define a training program designed to meet my needs, I landed on the word “Industrious,” A word study of industrious produces all the desirable qualities our organization wants. It is characterized as diligence, being constant, hardworking, habitually occupied, motivated to achieve goals, performing work in a timely manner, having moral quality, careful, meticulous, thorough, and attentive.

Improvement takes work.

So, I asked some of our more industrious team members two questions.

1) What is it about Nexus 5 Group that gets you up in the morning and ready to go to work?

2) What is the source of your great attitude?”

The answers were diverse but similar.

“I like to be on a team where I feel needed, cared about, and appreciated,” said Kimberly Epperson.

“People count on me, I am responsible for my coworkers and my subs. It’s easy to go to work every day when it is something you like doing,” said Buel McDonald.

“Our culture, I truly enjoy everyone I work with. Also, I like building relationships with our clients and knowing that we can give them a wonderful experience,” said John Hinman

“What gives me the biggest smile on my face is that I genuinely enjoy the people that I work with, and I enjoy having a job where I can help others succeed. At Nexus 5, I believe my opinions are listened to, and I’m given the opportunity to try innovative ideas. This makes me feel valued,” said Jessica Bell

Based on these responses, I realized that “industrious” may not have been the right phrase to describe what I was hoping to teach in the future. The actual word is Charity. A charitable heart is all about being selfless, concerned with the welfare of others, and helping your peers improve. #servewell

Eureka, the Word is Charity!

As an organization, we strive to contribute to the well-being of our team members and stakeholders with charitable hearts. This is the concept I will continue to teach in my role at Nexus 5 Group. This also aligns with our war cry of Serve Well.

I encourage you to ask your own team those two simple questions. What gets you up in the morning and looking forward to going to work? What is the source of your great attitude? The answers will help guide you as you focus on things that are working and things that are not.

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