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We Would Hire Patrick Mahomes.

By Clifton Printy, Assistant Superintendent with Nexus 5 Group

At Nexus 5 Group, we all try to live up to the 5 Core Values of our company. These are the heart of our organization. It is only natural that we strive to recruit similar and like-minded individuals. I don’t want to hire Patrick Mahomes because he is the MVP or that he is top ranked in the NFL. I want to hire him because after the Super Bowl I saw a clip showing Skyy Moore’s touch down.

Skyy had an interesting season, and he sure pulled his weight during the AFC playoffs. This was the first touchdown of his career. When I watched the game live, a part of the dialogue was not heard. When I was able to watch a replay, I was astounded by what happened immediately after the touchdown.

“Give me the ball,” Mahomes said, chasing the ball through a throng of happy Chief’s players. “Keep that ball,” he yelled to the players close by. “Keep that ball, Give me that ball. Take that ball,” he adamantly followed the ball around and finally, “I got it,” he said as he secured it taking it to the sidelines. “That’s his,” Mahomes shouted. Leaning into his teammate, “Got his first one in the Super Bowl,” Juju Smith – Schuster exclaimed. Lastly I hear someone shout, “That’s legendary.”

I think Patrick Mahomes would be a great candidate for our company.

Someone who would understand that our Five Core Values are not just something we talk about, but that being open and honest with one another while working in unity is how we really win.

We all want a player that is committed to the needs of our customers and holds themselves accountable. Patrick is a team player. He remembers the needs of others and nurtures their personal and professional growth. Mr. Mahomes understands strengthening lives where we live, and work is what community is about.

It's not about football, or him being a winner, not that I am star struck or a mega fan. I want to hire Patrick Mahomes because he cares about the success of his teammates enough to make sure that this snapshot of Skyy’s touchdown was more important to him than any of his worries at the time. Anyone who watched that game should respect that there were things to contend with. This is what it means to be on a team and to be a leader. I would gladly work with a man of that character. I would hire Patrick Mahomes.

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