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Project Spotlight: Evergreen Flooring

By Josh McDonald, Project Manager with Nexus 5 Group

Project: Evergreen Flooring Corporate Office, 9001 Lenexa Drive, Lenexa Kansas 66215

Owners: Ivan Guizar, Jaime Guizar, Ramiro Guizar

Project Size/Type: 36,000 Total SF, 8,000 SF Tenant Finish

Project Schedule: 6 weeks, January 2022

“We were meant to be where we are,” said Ivan during a casual lunch with his two brothers, Jaime and Ramiro Guizar. These three brothers launched Evergreen Flooring in 2007 with a single $1,000 credit card and a single $900 flooring project. They eventually expanded in 2016, 2017, and 2018 into a total of three warehouse spaces in Grain Valley. Given continued growth and market presence, they recently consolidated into their new corporate office, showroom, and warehouse located in Lenexa, KS.

Nexus 5 Group recently had the privilege to complete the tenant improvement that included a refresh of their new office space. However, the road to today was neither easy nor without hazards for the Guizar brothers. It was birthed due to a desire to succeed and provide for the family. It grew due to the unwillingness to quit, a deep-seated work ethic, and commitment to quality.

A bit of background...

Evergreen has become what it is today due to 14+ years of dedication, sacrifice, hard work, and commitment to integrity and core values. Evergreen Flooring’s birth and growth are directly due to the values and heart each of these brothers carry. These values and heart have brought us to this new space that includes 36,000 SF of office and showroom, an office team of a dozen or more, and installation crews continuously growing.

They complete projects across the nation, as well as every part of the KC metro. Though they started in the multifamily industry, Evergreen has become real players in the commercial sector. Their growth and prosperity hit particularly close to home with the Nexus 5 Group team since they're not only clients but subcontractor partners. We not only lean into them as partners, but have come to know them as friends.

Their model of quality, generosity, commitment, and integrity are difficult to match.

The Guizar family has come a long way from picking apples in the orchard, selling donuts, selling newspapers, or being a janitor. When Evergreen Flooring was founded, they committed to paying themselves $150 per week for two years as they built a solid foundation. Though not pulling as many 24 hour shifts, the commitment to each other and those they help remains the same.

The foundation today includes their father and additional family filling some roles within the company. Ivan, Jaime, and Ramiro, have no official titles to this day. (Well, other than the made-up CEO title Ivan jokingly gave himself.) They still operate as “three brothers just trying to make it.” You may find each of them laying flooring on a jobsite to meet a deadline or simply filling in where needed. Failure is not an option. In their words, “If we fail, we do not just fail a client, we fail ourselves.”

Nexus 5 Group was given the opportunity to complete this project due to the sacrifice and values cast by the Guizars long before us. If you get a chance, ask them to share more of their story. You will appreciate the motivation and inspiration.

Ivan, Jaime, and Ramiro,

From the whole team at Nexus 5 Group, thanks for trusting us with a part of your story, growth, and commitment to the future. We couldn’t ask for better partners and clients. #servewell

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