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Personal Tragedy Sparks Brian Weber's Passion for Community Impact

By John Hinman, Managing Director with Nexus 5 Group

Brian Weber is a project manager for the Nexus 5 Group. He has a passion for giving back to our community and the following is his story.

Brian's daughter Lucy was 12 months old when he and his wife Bev noticed she was tired and lethargic. They found out that Lucy had a rare, malignant brain tumor. On her first birthday, the tumor was successfully removed. But a new tumor started growing weeks later. Team Lucy was formed by their friends and family for support.

Tragically, Lucy lost the battle with her brain tumor. Ever since, Brian and Bev have been working hard to raise awareness and do fundraising to help with the fight against cancer.

Brian and Bev wanted to do something to bring out the best in others, so they participated in the Great Kindness Challenge. Bev said, "We wanted to do something to bring out the best in others the way Lucy brought out the best in us."

Below is a video about the Great Kindness Challenge. Brian and Bev are also doing community impact work with Lucy's Kids For Peace and Red Hot Nights.

We talked with Brian about his journey, and this is what he had to say.

“With Community Impact being one of our core values at Nexus 5 Group, I personally feel I have the support of a team behind me. For the past decade, I’ve been volunteering with Supporting Kids Foundation (SKF) and served as Vice President for a term. Having lost my baby girl, Lucy, to brain cancer, I’ve seen first-hand what SKF does for kids and their families in our community when they receive the crushing news of pediatric cancer and horrifying protocols and grueling processes of fighting that battle. The outpouring of support we received during Lucy’s fight and the fallout of kindness after she passed was pretty amazing. I felt (and still feel) the compulsion to give back when and where I can. I’m very fortunate to be at a place of employment where it's not just a job and a means to pay the bills; it’s a venue consisting of team members that understand it's life and everyone here and in our community is a part of it.” - Brian Weber

At Nexus 5 Group we truly value and support each other. This is what we mean by ServeWell. We give our employees time and space to pursue their passions. We believe that family comes first and that we all play a role in positively impacting our communities.

Brian, thank you for sharing your story. And thank you for your family's efforts to make a real difference.

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