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Business Relationships: Trust

By Val Price, Business Development Representative with Nexus 5 Group

The problem with trust is that it takes a lot of time to earn, but only a moment to lose.

Trust is the foundation of all relationships and by the transitive property of relationships, the foundation of business relationships. It is the core of any voluntary human interaction that leads to an agreement or a deal.

People who are perceived as trustworthy are seen to be authentic, respectful, open-minded, have integrity, are reliable and empathetic. They have a moral compass that guides their decisions, and they take responsibility for their actions. They also fulfill promises and obligations even if it means incurring financial loss or time constraints.

Trust: A Soft Landing?

Business strategist David Horsager speaks internationally on the bottom-line impact of trust. He developed a system called the Eight Pillars of Trust:

The Eight Pillars of Trust:

Clarity – People trust the clear and mistrust the ambiguous

Compassion – People put faith in those who care beyond themselves

Character – People notice those who do what is right over what is easy

Competency – People have confidence in those who stay fresh, relevant, and capable

Commitment – People believe in those who stand through adversity

Connection – People want to follow, buy from, and be around friends

Contribution – People immediately respond to results

Consistency – People love to see the little things done consistently

At Nexus 5 Group, one of our core values is Integrity. We define that as acting with honesty, openness and unity. Trust is an integral part of integrity. We hope that your experience with our team and our work delivers on that ideal every single time.

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