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And so it begins... The Nexus 5 Group Fit Challenge

By Dani Heimsoth, Project Engineer with Nexus 5 Group

It might be cliché, but we own it. It’s the start of the new year with resolutions and of course everyone’s goal is to lose weight.

Rewind back to December 2021. It felt like every day for a month we had a new delivery of chocolate hit the kitchen table. While standing around this table, shoving our faces full of candy, popcorn and peanut brittle, we unanimously decided to do the Nexus 5 Group fit challenge again this year.

This will be the 3rd year in a row for The Fit Challenge

I was here for the challenge last year and the momentum seemed to fall off a little bit for myself and a couple others. But this year, we're trying to start off strong. Tom Cowan is our ringleader and accountability person. He's like a drill instructor and doing a good job of checking in with everyone.

Our structure is more of a guideline and not a solo competition. We’ve taken this on with the same attitude we have with everything else we do in our company... as a team.

The first weigh in was January 7th. There are 16 people who have committed to the challenge. To enter, you had to say how much weight you wanted to lose. You can choose to share your starting weight with the weigh in or you can simply turn in how much was lost.

We have a weekly weigh in’ between 8am-9am, which has proven to be our biggest struggle. We were reminded that Commitment is one of our Core Values, so we all had to step it up. Communication always helps, so we have a chat group set up for checking in, weigh in reminders, encouragement and maybe a little trash talk for some laughs.

These last couple of years, it feels like everything we do to stay positive and healthy is affected by a news headline or something knocking us down. It's easy to find excuses and slip into an unhealthy lifestyle. I think I can speak for a lot of us that this fit challenge is a fresh start. It's something we can do together to try and get over the hump of constant negativity. I found that digging myself out of a mental health slump and forming healthy habits and doing behavioral changes have greatly impacted my perspective.

It’s time to turn off the negativity and start a positive healthy lifestyle. There will be a follow up blog in a couple of months with the results after we've finished the challenge!

To Be Continued…

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