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2,826 projects? The 2021 stats tell the story.

By John Hinman, Managing Director with Nexus 5 Group

In January, we like to look back at the previous year or two to review some statistics. Every year, we're humbly impressed with what our team was able to accomplish. This year is no different. With challenges of price increases, supply chain issues, that “special virus” that is still lingering, and other challenges, our team truly stepped up an put up some great numbers in 2021.

I am sharing these statistics on LinkedIn, not to publicly pat ourselves on the back, but to inform our audience about what we do and what we're capable of.

To each and every person and company that joined forces with us to make 2021 a success... Thank you. We will continue to #servewell in 2022.

So here are the 2021 Stats:

  • Our revenue grew 23% compared to 2020

  • Number of Construction Projects: 609

  • Number of Mechanical Projects: 35

  • Number of Service Projects: 2,182

    • Total Number of Projects: 2,826

  • Our team grew to 50 employees

Commercial Construction Stats:

  • 230,000 SF of Tenant Improvement

  • 350,000 SF of Asphalt Maintenance

Multi-Family Construction Stats:

  • 1,500 Windows Replaced

  • 160 Front Doors Replaced

  • 568 Patio Doors Replaced

  • 70,000 SF of Roofing Replaced

  • 34 Decks Replaced

  • 153 Kitchens Replaced

Service and Mechanical Divisions:

  • 300 Condensers Replaced

  • 350 Furnaces Replaced

  • 2,500 Pounds of Refrigerant Installed

  • 5,000 LF of Ductwork Installed

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