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Project Spotlight: Monolith Materials

By John Hinman, Managing Director with Nexus 5 Group

Project: Monolith Materials, 7301 West 80th Street, Overland Park, KS 66204

Client: Monolith Materials & Edison District

Architect: Gastinger Walker Architects

Project Size/Type: 4,300SF Tenant Improvement Project

Monolith Materials is another project we completed at the Edison District Building in downtown Overland Park, Kansas. It is a pleasure to have served the people at Edison District for the last 3 years along with the team at Monolith. This 4,300sf tenant improvement was completed in approximately 10 weeks.

Monolith was founded in 2012 with the belief that you could build both a profitable company and create a cleaner world through technology. 2021 and beyond, Monolith continues to expand its facilities and is developing additional sites to serve global demand for carbon-free hydrogen and clean carbon black.

Monolith is working to quickly sale up its operations in Nebraska while also planning rapid expansion to serve the Clean Hydrogen, carbon black and ammonia demands of clients across North America and around the world.

“Nexus 5 Group was great to work with in many different areas. They kept to their timeline and to our budget. They listened to our concerns and responded appropriately. Brian, Buel and team met our expectations, we really enjoy our space!” Jennifer Brown, Executive Assistant at Monolith (Our main contact for the project.)

“Time constraints with construction are always a challenge. We, at Nexus 5 Group, demand constant communication with our clients. Jennifer was a great fit for us and was on top of all matters and it was a great collective effort to get Monolith Materials in and operating on time. We were happy to deliver this great space.” Brian Weber, Project Manager at Nexus 5 Group

Nexus 5 Group Project Team

Brian Weber – Project Manager, Buel McDonald - Superintendent and Jessica Bell - Project Engineer

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