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Project Spotlight: Elmhurst Terrace Apartments

By John Hinman, Managing Director with Nexus 5 Group

Nexus 5 Group in Chi Town

Project: Elmhurst Terrace Apartments, 100 Fellows Court, Elmhurst, IL 60126

Client: Cohen-Esrey Apartment Investors

Architect: Gastinger Walker Architects, Samantha McCloud

Before and After

Project Description:

Elmhurst Terrace Apartments is located in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst, IL and has 22 buildings and 315 living units. Prior to being purchased by Cohen Esrey Apartment Investors in late 2019, the property was suffering from a perception that it was either a dormitory or low income housing, creating a challenge for being able to increase rents.

Nexus 5 Group performed the role of the owner's representative for the initial due diligence, renovation scope and budget, 47 interior entrance renovations, roofing, concrete, construction of the new dog park, fitness center renovation, ADA intercom system and several other site amenities such as a concrete bags game (1), grill stations (4), smoker (1), and fire pit along with new site and building signage. In addition, Nexus 5 Group was the general contractor that completed the façade renovation of the 22 buildings, 47 storefront building entrances, and 226 decorative railings.

Nexus 5 Group is currently the owner's representative for fifteen Cohen Esrey Apartment Investors properties located in Lincoln, NE (1), Columbus, OH (1), Atlanta, GA (3), Northport, FL (1), Memphis, TN (3), Dallas, TX (2), Arlington, TX (1), San Antonio, TX (1), Overland Park, KS (2).

Project Schedule: Exterior façade renovation and site amenities (5 Months), October - December 2020.

Result: “On Time, On Budget, Happy Client”

Before and After


Lisa Ralston, Property Manager, Elmhurst Apartments, “The Nexus 5 Group pays attention to even the minute details. With all of this large construction going on, they continue to follow up on even the small occurrences to make certain the management and residents alike are having a good experience during the rehab work. The residents at Elmhurst Terrace, our surrounding neighbors, and police officers have all given us a lot of praise for the new look. The new amenities especially the dog park is a really big hit!”

Jim Rich, Regional Manager, Cohen Esrey Communities, “We can always count on Nexus 5 Group to remain competitive in their pricing and superior in their service. Their team is well rounded and knowledgeable in all aspects of property maintenance, rehabilitation, and construction. You can't put a price on peace of mind, but if you could with regard to Nexus 5 Group, it would be worth the price.”

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