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Brent Hastings

Senior Project Manager

Brent has been involved in the construction industry for over 11 years. He began his career in the field as a general laborer and eventually became a site superintendent. The knowledge he gained in specific trades gave him the ability to see the practical application and workflow of commercial and restaurant projects. After several years as a traveling superintendent, he transitioned out of the daily life in the field and continued his journey into project management. The skills and knowledge he gained in the field give him the ability to thoroughly navigate any project.
Brent takes pride in his ability to serve his clients with excellence, pay close attention to project details, and communicate openly and transparently. He has received multiple unsolicited accolades from current and past clients.
When not managing projects, Brent can be found outdoors. He is a true sportsman and enjoys the challenge nature presents during all seasons.  He and his wife, Hillary, are welcoming their third child this year.


Brent Hastings
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