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Proposal Presentation

  Company Profile

At the Nexus 5 Group, our passion is to Serve Well and we are committed to providing an unmatched customer experience.  Our passion to Serve Well, driven by our core values and experienced team, continuously sets us apart and allows us to exceed our customers’ expectations.  We are committed to proactive communication, competitive pricing, strict scheduling, and the use of our integrated technology.  Our clients are always in control of “their” resources.  Our job is to educate and inform to allow our clients to steward their resources in the best way possible.  

Nexus 5 Group has over 75 years of collective experience resulting in over $400 million worth of projects. We have a full team of experienced project managers, superintendents, project engineers, and skilled tradesmen on staff, which allows us to deliver an unmatched project experience. 

From concept to completion, our construction and mechanical divisions offer comprehensive solutions for projects of all sizes.  Every project is handled with care, from budgets and proposals to work orders and contracts, and even emergency situations. Our top priority is your experience throughout the entire process. We're committed to exceeding your expectations and delivering on our promises.

Nexus 5  - 10-14-20.  202A4338.jpg


  1. Following is a list of previous major renovation projects that have a relevance to this project.  Also, following this list, are a few project highlights.

    1. Leawood Presbyterian Church – Youth Building Renovation (Non Profit). 

    2. Christ Community Church – Lobby, sanctuary, and restroom renovation (Non Profit). 

    3. Christ Community Church – Entire church renovation (Non Profit).

    4. Strang Reserve – Event space renovation with new restrooms. 

    5. MMGY – New 30,000sf tenant improvement. 

    6. Cascade Health – Full building renovation.

    7. Fountain Mortgage - 6,600sf tenant improvement.

    8. Red Bridge Grocery – New entrance façade renovation and building renovation. 

    9. Copilevitz – law firm renovation (Non Profit). 

    10. American Red Cross – several building renovations (Non Profit). 

  2. Previous Projects for John Hinman 

    1. Shawnee Church of the Nazarene 

    2. Nazarene World Headquarters 

    3. Cross Points Church 

    4. Lenexa Baptist Church 

    5. Children International Headquarters 

    6. New Haven Seventh Day Adventist Church 

    7. First Baptist Church of Oak Grove, Youth Building 

    8. Deanna Rose Farmstead, Entrance Building 

    9. Stonecroft Ministries 

    10. Nazarene Theological Seminary 

    11. First Baptist Church of Lee’s Summit 

  3. References: See below.

  4. Project Team: See below.

  5. Nexus 5 Group as Number of years in business and current size of company.  31 years in business. 

  6. Current back-log? and approximate construction value currently under contract.  Nexus 5 Group currently has $23,000,000 of forecasted revenue of which $18,000,000 is under contract. Our goal for the year is around $28,000,000 revenue.​

  7. Safety Experience Modification Rate:  Safety is key to our success and our safety policies/programs are top notch.  In addition to weekly safety inspections, our team participates in weekly safety training.  All Nexus 5 Group superintendents and project manager are OSHA 10 hour certified.  Currently our Experience Modification Rate is 0.87. 

  8. Statement of Capacity:  Nexus 5 Group has several projects finishing up just as this project is scheduled to start.  We have the capacity and manpower to put the desired attention into this project to ensure a successful project. 

  9. Bonding capacity:  Nexus 5 Group around $10,000,000 per project. 

  10. Fee Range:  We define "fee" as contractor profit.  For this project we have included a proposed fee of 4%.  Overheads and insurance are listed as separate line items in "Exhibit A."

  11. General Conditions Costs:  A breakdown of the cost and description of the general conditions is included in the attached "Exhibit A" proposal.

  12. Subcontractors:  Refer to the attached list of subcontractors below.  We have worked with all of these subcontractors along with several others on many projects throughout the years.  Any of these contractors are qualified to complete this project.

  13. Schedule:  Refer to "Exhibit B".

  14. Construction Contract:  Nexus 5 Group is willing to enter into a Construction Contract, “AIA Document A133 -2009 Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager as Constructor where the basis of payment is the Cost of the Work Plus a Fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price” with the church.

  15. Statement of Self-Performed Work:  Nexus 5 Group will self-perform site supervision and some general labor for cleanup and temporary partitions.  Nexus 5 Group also has a mechanical division where we self-perform the heating and air conditioning scope of work on many of our projects.  However, we do bid out this scope of work and also work with several other mechanical companies.

  16. General Summary of your observations, conclusions, concerns:  Overall we feel this schedule is very doable to have this project completed by Christmas eve.  However, there are some items that we will need to address prior to and during construction to achieve this schedule.  Following are a few items needing coordination and research that we review of the building during the walk thru along with the drawings. 

    1. Maintaining fire egress from sanctuary while under construction. 

    2. Restroom locations for an elderly congregation during construction. 

    3. Dealing with potential loss of smoke rating, creating tripping hazards, etc. at the sloped sanctuary floor where doors are scheduled to be relocated closer into the sanctuary. 

    4. Potential soil issues at new footings. 

    5. Need to work through the contradicting insulation notes from detail 5 on sheet A0.2 and note 1 of sheets A4.1-A4.4. 

    6. Storefront lead time: 6-8 weeks after approved shops, 2-3 weeks of installation.

  17. Construction Cost Estimate:  Refer to "Exhibit A".

  18. Construction Contingency:  Nexus 5 Group proposes a 10% contingency for this project to cover any unknown structural, fire sprinkler, fire alarm or code upgrades that may be required.

  19. Why Nexus 5 Group?  We truly believe in and live our “Serve Well” approach in all we do.  We hire our great team members based on this belief.  This approach, along with our core values of Integrity, Commitment, Team Member Fulfillment, Customer Fulfillment, and Community Impact, aligns with the values of most churches and clients we work with.  We have a passion for working with great people helping them achieve their mission and goals.  With our open book budgeting, strict scheduling and proactive communication we have proven to be a great asset with our past and present clients.  Our attention to detail, client first approach, serve well mentality, and construction expertise will be a great asset for this church.  Think Servant Leadership meets Construction Excellence.  This is what we will provide for this church. 

  Management Team

Managing Director

John Hinman

As a founding member of the Nexus 5 Group, John spends most of his time coordinating the operations of our 3 Divisions (Construction, Mechanical, Service), business strategy, business development and high-level project oversite.  John has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry and has managed over $150,000,000 worth of projects.  His experience includes many project types, from office buildings, medical office, tenant improvement, industrial, historic, restaurants, financial, multi-family, churches, to multi-family renovations and capital expenditure projects. 
John graduated from Kansas State University in 1993, with a Bachelor of Science Degree, in Construction Science and Management.  When John is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife (Stefanie) and 4 kids (Taylor, Daniel, Molly, & Luke), at the lake, and is very involved with his church.  John serves on the board of directors and is a founding member of The Father’s Club, a board member of the Kansas City Crime Stoppers, and is involved in other organizations such as F3KC and Men’s Encounter. Specific project dedication on a as needed basis for preconstruction and construction phases.

Division Manager

Josh McDonald

Josh has been involved in management and construction industry for over 20 years. Josh’s experience includes on-site supervision roles, estimating, budgeting, marketing, safety, business development, and project management. Josh currently oversees many commercial projects as well as large multi-family capitol improvement projects.
Growing up in the family business, Josh was on construction sites from an early age. Coming from a blue-collar family, he learned the value of hard work, communication, dedication, honesty, and integrity. Prior to joining Nexus 5 Group in 2018, Josh worked in supervisory and management roles for several companies and was owner-operator of a small construction company in the residential renovation market. While managing as many as 45 employees, he has overseen areas such as training, budgets, schedules, quality control and business development.
When not managing projects, Josh likes to spend time outdoors, watch and play sports, and spend time with his family. Josh is passionate about investing in community, church, friends, and family. He and his wife, Jamie, have 5 children and enjoy spending time with family and friends, creating memories, and experiencing new adventures.

  Project Team

Senior Project Manager

Brent Hastings

Brent has been involved in the construction industry for over 11 years. He began his career in the field as a general laborer and eventually became a site superintendent. The knowledge he gained in specific trades gave him the ability to see the practical application and workflow of commercial and restaurant projects. After several years as a traveling superintendent, he transitioned out of the daily life in the field and continued his journey into project management. The skills and knowledge he gained in the field give him the ability to thoroughly navigate any project.
Brent takes pride in his ability to serve his clients with excellence, pay close attention to project details, and communicate openly and transparently. He has received multiple unsolicited accolades from current and past clients.
When not managing projects, Brent can be found outdoors. He is a true sportsman and enjoys the challenge nature presents during all seasons.  He and his wife, Hillary, are welcoming their third child this year.

General Superintendent

Josh Green

Josh has been in the construction industry for 14 years, serving as an onsite superintendent for 8 years. In addition to an onsite Superintendent, Josh also helps in the Superintendent development program within Nexus 5 Group, which aids in recognition and training of new onsite Superintendents.
Prior to joining Nexus 5 Group in September of 2018, Josh served as Superintendent for large commercial renovation projects. During those 6 years he oversaw construction and completion of up to 10 projects per year in cities across the country. Josh began his career as a framer in the residential construction market before joining the plumbing union 2006. Josh has also owned his own remodeling company and his on-the-job experience has given him the knowledge and know-how to lead a successful team and deliver a successful project.
Josh’s family founded and run The Julia Bargman Hope Foundation in 2010 where he has served as the5K event organizer. The foundation is a non-profit organization that provides donations to local hospitals and breast cancer research foundations. When not on site, you may find him attending a Chiefs game. Josh and his wife, Emma just had their third child.

  Previous Projects

Leawood Presbyterian 3

Leawood Presbyterian Church

6,000 SQ FT TENANT IMPROVEMENT   |  Prairie Village, KS

Leawood Presbyterian 2
Leawood Presbyterian 1

Leawood Presbyterian Church transformed a 12,000 square foot detached outer building into a youth facility. The scope of work included demolition, asphalt, landscaping, concrete, framing, casework, MEP upgrades, roofing and fire alarm systems.

Leawood Presbyterian 4

  Previous Projects

MMGY Global 5

MMGY Global

35,964 SQ FT TENANT IMPROVEMENT   |  Overland Park, KS

MMGY Global 3
MMGY Global 2

MMGY completed a 35,964 square feet tenant improvement within the Edison District Building in downtown Overland Park, KS. This project was executed in two phases and the scopes included a design-build HVAC system, custom cabinetry, specialty ceilings, and unique amenities including a golf simulator, live wall and coliseum seating area.

MMG -202A7358.jpg

  Previous Projects

Strang Event Space-202A2171.jpg

Strang Reserve

7800 SQ FT TENANT IMPROVEMENT   |  Overland Park, KS

Strang Event Space-202A2225.jpg
Strang Event Space-202A2203.jpg

Strang Reserve is a project we completed at the Edison District building in downtown Overland Park, Kansas. It is a first-generation, 7,800 square foot event space that included extensive sleek lighting, new bathrooms, extensive concrete work, and several custom finishes.

Strang Reserve  -202A2450.jpg

  Previous Projects


Cascade Health

11,000 SQ FT TENANT IMPROVEMENT   |  Kansas City, MO

Cascade Health

Cascade Health Services underwent a comprehensive renovation, spanning both interior and exterior realms across its expansive 11,600 square foot facility, executed in two phases. The renovation included the installation of new electrical services, a redesigned and upgraded HVAC system, fire line and sprinkler system, integration of a new elevator, revitalization of the façade with exterior glass enhancements, interior glass systems, and custom lighting. As well as essential infrastructure improvements such as concrete, asphalt upgrades, and a new roof installation.


  Previous Projects

Fountain Mortgage 1

Fountain Mortgage

6600 SQ FT TENANT IMPROVEMENT   |  Prairie Village, KS

Fountain Mortgage 2
Fountain Mortgage 3

Fountain Mortgage underwent an impressive 6,600 square foot first-generation tenant improvement. This scope included a full build out of the space with all glass fronts to all offices, a large entertainment area/breakroom and open office space.

Fountain Mortgage 4

  Client References

Ryan Kapple

Lead Pastor


Building Renovation


Mike Levitan

Senior Vice President


Multiple Projects


Tim Barton

Building Owner


Multiple TI Renovations


Juliette Perkins

Project Manager


Multiple TI Renovations


Will Ruder

Executive Vice President


TI Renovations


Shawn Craft

Chief Executive Officer


Multiple Restaurant/Event


Sean Craven



Multiple Projects


Jason Barnes

Vice President - Development


Multi-family Projects



Leawood Presbyterian Church

Leawood Presbyterian Church

Ryan Kapple, Lead Pastor

"If you want to get the job done with excellence, on time and within your budget, then you must choose Nexus 5 for your next construction project. They went the extra mile to ensure we knew exactly what was happening every step of the way. Their team knows how to communicate with a broad scope of people from diverse vocational backgrounds."

KC Foot And Ankle

KC Foot And Ankle

Mark A. Green, DPM

"I couldn’t have been happier with the process of our medical office project and with the wonderful people at Nexus 5. From the design phase to completion, our relationship was a partnership. Their customer service is impeccable, and the quality of their work is top notch. They built the space with the attention to detail that they would have put into their own space. And they finished ahead of schedule. No need to look elsewhere for our next office! Thank you, Nexus 5!"

Ruby Receptionist

Ruby Receptionist

Marcella Vail, Senior Director of Employee Experience

"One word to describe Nexus 5? WOW! Building out our 24k square foot office space in Kansas City’s River Market district was our first construction project outside of our headquarters location in Portland, Oregon. Nexus 5 worked seamlessly with our Portland-based architect team and delivered a stunning space ahead of schedule, on budget, and with a level of service rarely experienced in the construction sector. Prepared with weekly meetings notes and video tours of our space, the Nexus 5 team maintained constant communication with all stakeholders and their level of quality and craftsmanship is visible in every detail of the space. Only wish, that Nexus 5 opens up shop in Portland."

Home Builders Association

Home Builders Association

Will Ruder, Executive Vice President

"The members of the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City are thrilled with the outcome of our recently remodeled facility. The Nexus 5 team, led by John Hinman and Josh McDonald, was engaged, responsive, and professional throughout the entire process. They met every challenge head on and provided timely progress updates through constant phone, e-mail, and in-person communications. Our home builders take pride in the homes they build for the people of the Kansas City metro. It is clear that Nexus 5 takes pride in their work as well. I would recommend Nexus 5 to any organization seeking a high quality, professionally run contractor to refresh and remodel their facilities."

  Our Core Values

We act with honesty, openness and unity.
We hold ourselves accountable and deliver on our promises.
We only succeed if our customers feel we are true to them and our impact in their lives is real.
We genuinely care about each other's well being and nurture professional growth.
We strengthen and enrich the communities and neighborhoods where we live and work.

  Subcontractor List

02-4100 Demolition

Bulldog Demolition

02-4100 Demolition

B&R Environmental

02-4100 Demolition

Selective Demolition

03-0000 Concrete

Krete Construction

03-0000 Concrete

Nielson Concrete

03-0000 Concrete

Steller Concrete

03-0000 Concrete

All American Concrete

04-2200 Concrete Unit Masonry

Bell Masonry

04-2200 Concrete Unit Masonry

Sonrise Masonry

05-5000 Metal Railing and Struct.

Builders Steel Co

05-5000 Metal Railing and Struct.


05-5000 Metal Railing and Struct.

Jayhawk Millright

07-2100 Thermal Insulation

Hays Insulation

07-2100 Thermal Insulation

K Building Specialties

08-1000 Doors and Frames

Integrated Openings

08-1000 Doors and Frames

Design Supply Doors

08-1000 Doors and Frames

Omega Door & Hardware

08-8100 Glass

Performance Glass

08-8100 Glass


08-8100 Glass

Trifecta Contracting

09-2116 Studs and drywall

Finishing Accents

09-2116 Studs and drywall

KD Christian

09-2116 Studs and drywall

Metro Interiors

09-3000 Tiling


09-3000 Tiling

Great Plains Tile

09-3000 Tiling

Metro Tile

09-5100 Acoustical Ceiling

Finishing Accents

09-5100 Acoustical Ceiling

KD Christian

09-5100 Acoustical Ceiling

Metro Interiors

09-6000 Flooring

Evergreen Flooring

09-6000 Flooring

Regents Flooring

09-6000 Flooring

Image Flooring

09-9100 Painting

Dayco Painting

09-9100 Painting

Switzer Brothers Painting

09-9100 Painting

Bate's Painting

10-2800 Toilet Accessories

Meyer Specialties

10-2800 Toilet Accessories

Integrated Openings Solutions

12-3000 Casework

Double C Industries

12-3000 Casework

Specialty Cabinets

12-3000 Casework

Square One Studio

12-3600 Countertops

Central Surfaces

12-3600 Countertops

Surface Center Interiors

12-3600 Countertops

Rock Tops KC

21-0000 Fire Supression

General Fire Sprinkler Company

21-0000 Fire Supression

Advantage Fire

21-0000 Fire Supression

GOAL Fire Protection

22-0000 Plumbing

Plumbing Plus

22-0000 Plumbing

PM Contracting

22-0000 Plumbing

Lexington Plumbing

23-0000 HVAC

Nexus 5 Group - Mechanical Division

23-0000 HVAC

PM Contracting

23-0000 HVAC

Henry Miller Mech.

26-0000 Electrical

M&S Electric

26-0000 Electrical

Pro Circuit, Inc

26-0000 Electrical

ECA - Electrical Corp of America

28-3100 Fire Alarm

Progressive Electronics

28-3100 Fire Alarm

Atronic Alarms

28-3100 Fire Alarm

Watchmen Security

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