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Welcome to the Team... Val Price!

Val Price

By Jessica Bell, Project Engineer with Nexus 5 Group

Nexus 5 Group is excited to welcome Val Price to the team! Val is joining Nexus 5 Group as our new Business Development Manager. She will focus on nurturing our existing network and forging new relationships to create opportunities for each business unit, Construction, Mechanical and Service.

Val, a Kansas City native, is a 3rd generation real estate professional and her 30+ years of experience include residential real estate sales, commercial property management, contract management, and construction management. She’s owned her own service business and has a long history in renovation and remodeling. Val is a well-rounded individual that adapts to situations well and manages challenges with an upbeat, positive attitude and a smile. Her experience, diversity, cheerful outlook, commitment, and drive shows through daily, all while sharing a feeling of gratefulness and genuine concern for others.

Outside of work, Val enjoys exploring Kansas City, gardening, live music, and traveling. She currently lives in Lee’s Summit and has 3 sons who work in the security construction industry. She also has three large dogs (that don't work at all), two cats, and a loving boyfriend who is still trying to make up for dragging her to Chicago for 2 years during the pandemic!

Please join us in welcoming Val Price to the Nexus 5 Group!

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