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Employee Spotlight: Will Ramirez

By Jessica Tonyan, Project Engineer with Nexus 5 Group

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Wilbur “Will” Ramirez.

Will joined our team in July 2014 as a field technician. He previously worked for a foundation company for over twenty-five years where he learned numerous skills. Will brought many skills to Nexus including carpentry, decks, roofing, concrete, stucco and many more. There honestly isn’t much that Will probably can’t do.

“No one really cared and had bad attitudes at my last company. Not at Nexus 5 Group. They make you feel good to be here. It makes me want to go to work. I love working for this company because the people, in the office and in the field, we are like one big happy family. Tom and John are always happy and friendly. The best company, I am happy to be at. I finally have a job that I care about, I don't want to move. As long as I don’t get in trouble!”- Will Ramirez

Will brings many skills to Nexus 5 Group, but most importantly Will brings a huge smile and positive attitude to work EVERY DAY. Anyone within Nexus 5 Group will tell you how helpful and positive it is to work with Will on any given day.

Will is a perfect example of integrity and commitment, he is a man of many talents and is a very valued asset to this company. He can always be relied upon to complete any task with excellence. Cutting corners is not in his nature Brett Bush, Superintendent
“Will is the perfect teammate. He has such a great attitude and a will do mentality. No one cares more about doing quality work and he's so conscious of bringing the job in on time and on budget. My customers love him. What more could you ask?” Jerry Lindsay, Project Manager

While Will takes his work very seriously, family always comes first.

Will has two sons, three grandkids, and a beautiful wife that he is very proud of. Both of his sons reside in Pensacola, Florida and are pursuing careers in law enforcement. Will and his wife are originally from Costa Rico and they both love to travel back to visit their family as often as possible.

When Will is not at work or traveling to visit family, you can likely find him in his backyard which he and his wife have turned into a Costa Rican oasis. Their backyard includes an elaborate outdoor kitchen, fountains, a fire pit, hammock, extensive tropical décor, rabbits, chickens, the list goes on. It’s quite impressive... it’s their slice of paradise. They enjoy cooking tamales in their outdoor kitchen, relaxing or starting the next project together.

We are very thankful to have Will as part of our team, not just because of his amazing skill set, because he brings so much positivity to our field staff. And that can’t be taught; that is a true rare find.

“There are few people that come around in life that change your mind generally about people. To me, Will is not just a valued co-worker, he represents a reminder about how to have positive influence on others. The rarity you get with Will is that he brings this vibe and combines it with a A+ work ethic, pride in workmanship, and team spirit. And not just at work, seeing him look and interact with his wife Shirley is special. Will is the picture-perfect face of the culture we are after here at Nexus 5 Group. It has been an honor to work along side this man for the last 7 years and hopefully to finish his career. Pura Vida my friend.” Tom Cowan, Director of Operations
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