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Employee Spotlight: Tony Cowan

By Jessica Bell, Project Engineer with Nexus 5 Group

Tony Cowan is our newest Project Manager here at Nexus 5 Group. He was recently promoted from his latest position, Project Engineer, to Project Manager. Tony has had an exciting journey with Nexus 5 Group over the last nine years!

Climbing the Ladder

Tony has climbed his way up the ladder, figuratively and literally. The first rung on that ladder was a field laborer position. He then transitioned to an office staff position, then to superintendent, later to a Project Engineer, and ultimately landing the position of Project Manager.

Through his journey, Tony has gained so much experience in almost every aspect of what we do here at Nexus 5 Group. No matter what he is working on, he brings valuable knowledge from real-world experience. This breadth of knowledge allows Tony to effectively handle projects from start to finish while communicating efficiently with clients. The end result is a quality product for our clients.

Tony has been an integral part of the Cohen-Esrey Apartment Investors property renovations from the start, including due diligence scope work and budgeting, to the finish when budgeted projects are performed. Tony is young but wise beyond his years as a project manager. I would like to take credit, but that would be a disservice to his family who has brought him up in the industry. I have no doubt Tony will keep climbing the success ladder in this industry.” Stan Phelps, Senior Project Manager

Work Hard, Play Hard

Outside of work, Tony has several hobbies that keep him busy. He is an avid sports lover. He is currently in three different leagues - volleyball, pickleball, and trap shooting. He also enjoys having BBQs with his friends and spending the summer weekends at the Lake of the Ozarks with his family.

Outside of lake trips and sports, you can usually find Tony with his girlfriend of six years, Morgan McBride. They are probably playing with their adorable dog, Cube, or renovating their home together.

Tony’s determination is unmatched. When he wants something, he will do what it takes to achieve and reach his goal. We're excited to watch Tony flourish as a Project Manager... Nexus 5 Group is lucky to have Tony as part of our team!

An Interview with Tony

“I joined the Nexus 5 Group (formerly Service Technologies) in the summer of 2013 during my junior year of high school as a part-time field laborer. At the time, I didn’t think construction would be my future, but rather something that would make some spending money for my upcoming senior year. After I graduated high school, I began working in the field full-time until one day, I was asked if I wanted to come into the Corporate Office to help the Accounting Team. Months later, I had figured out that accounting was not my thing, but Nexus 5 Group was looking at creating the Project Engineer position. I started working with a Project Manager every day and from there on, I had decided that construction management was my future. After a year of working in the office, I returned to the field to be a part of the concrete crew that we had just started, with the mentality to gain more on the job experience. This field experience helped build my confidence so I could tackle my first commercial superintendent job. After that project I returned to the office as a Project Engineer and was given the opportunity to run a project from start to finish. I continued to work with the Commercial Division as a Project Engineer for two more years. A year ago, I moved over the multifamily side to assist Stan Phelps, Senior Project Manager, with Cohen-Esrey Apartment Investors (CEAI) projects by going on due diligence, budgeting, bidding, and performing quality checks on all jobs. Recently, I was promoted to Project Manager working on many multifamily projects. I take care of estimating and managing all third-party multifamily projects, and I continue to assist with all CEAI property budgets. The Nexus 5 Group and Cohen-Esrey have Empowered me by always giving me the opportunity to take on tasks that very few people my age (26) would ever get to attempt in this field of work. Not every attempt was a success, but John Hinman, Managing Director, and the rest of the Nexus 5 Group team believed in me through the entire process which allowed me to learn from mistakes along the way. It’s been an amazing nine years and being a part of the growth of Nexus 5 has been so inspiring to continue building myself with this team. The Nexus 5 Group has truly Empowered me to build a career path from being a Field Technician 1 to a Project Manager.” Tony Cowan, Project Manager

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