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Employee Spotlight: Susie Demiter

By Tom Cowan, Director of Operations with Nexus 5 Group

Susie Demiter is our Accounting Assistant and has been with us for about 5 and 1/2 years. She started out as a Project Coordinator. Both roles share some similar tasks, but Accounting Assistant aligned with her schooling and her passion. Susie has played a great role in shaping who Nexus 5 Group is today.

This is how Susie describes herself:

“I love learning, exploring, and going down rabbit holes. I deal with stress with humor, which can sometimes get me in (more?) trouble, but I'd rather laugh than cry. When I'm stuck on a problem, I like to take a break and do ridiculous things - like giving Tom's computer mouse googly eyes and a picnic, or giving my coworkers better names by making them new nameplates. Switching gears to something dumb reminds me not to take myself too seriously. I can get pretty melodramatic if that happens. It also gives me time to breathe so I can refocus. I usually get back to work with solutions in mind. I love taking my excitement for deep dives and using it to help my colleagues. We started using new software almost two years ago and we are still finding ways to understand the software use it more efficiently every day. There's something energizing about working through a really tough issue with a coworker and the excitement of unlocking the mystery that will make our lives easier. I hate watching other people struggle so I try to jump in and help whenever I can.”

Sometimes when Susie has her kids at the office and other team members are out, the arts and crafts comes come alive.

Susie’s role has evolved over the last year.

Susie has taken on the role of mentoring peers and documenting best practices. She has always been good at figuring out things and finding a better way. For me, this really resonates because I also get enjoyment out of these same things (minus the documentation – yuck!) She has really exceled in shouldering the “new software rollout madness” while still performing her daily work. I appreciate the “can do” spirit she brings to the accounting department.

Susie is the mother of two. Wyatt is 12 and Scarlett 8. They have a lot o fun together. Both kids have a wonderful and outgoing personality much like Susie. They enjoy spending time together doing things like trips around the country, Worlds of Fun and tending the chicken/egg operation.

Susie and her kids made a bucket list to visit every state.

Wyatt has been to 19 and Scarlett to 15.

Susie’s happy place is definitely the beach!

Scarlett swinging with Miga. They only name the chickens they like. Susie says that chickens have different personalities and that when the screen door opens, they know it's time for some freeze-dried worms. Mmmmmm. Yummy!

“Susie was at Nexus 5 Group when I started. And I’m coming up on three years now. I noticed from the beginning that Susie was a part of just about every aspect of the company. From helping the accounting department, to performing the service division equipment inventory, to assisting the newly started mechanical construction division and even on the construction side when needed. Besides being a very sweet person, Susie is always willing to jump in and help when asked and/or as needed. She was assigned to help me with the mechanical construction division billings, purchase orders, submittals and project close outs, etc. I found Susie to have a mindset and knack for numbers when working with her. Perhaps that is why she is now working in the accounting department. Susie is also a bit of a country girl in that she lives in the country, raises chickens and tends a vegetable garden. I have personally eaten the eggs she collects and there is no substitute for farm fresh eggs. I enjoy working with Susie and always look forward to talking to her when work brings me to the accounting section of the office.” Jim Hayes, Project Manager Mechanical Division

“One of the first things that I think of when it comes to Susie Demiter is her willingness to help her fellow colleagues succeed. From the way she is always willing to assist when problems arise to the way she applies her leadership skills in a collaborative way to make sure the Accounting Department flows relatively seamlessly. Susie is driven to be a successful member of Nexus 5 Group and help those around her succeed as well. Susie is known for her cheerful smile and her willingness to help out her colleagues daily. Susie is a pivotal part of the success of Nexus 5 Group.” - Sarah Dawson, Accounts Receivable Specialist.
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1 Comment

Clifton Printy
Clifton Printy
Sep 28, 2022

Susie is one of the people that sold the N5 experience to me. She is always ready to support, and not afraid to give you candid advice. She truly cares about other people even when that is hard. I am glad to work with her and sad that our roles aren't as connected as they used to be. I guess I will have to forget a receipt, then I can say hi!

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