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Employee Spotlight: Josh Green

By Josh McDonald, Project Manager with Nexus 5 Group

It is September 2018. Nexus 5 Group was growing fast. The overall structure of the organization was pretty flat. Project managers, for the most part, were also the site superintendents on construction projects. We had a large project creeping up quickly and didn't have capacity to man the on-site supervision. We needed help. We needed another construction superintendent. We needed someone that could problem solve, communicate with clients and subcontractors, and understand the practical application of the construction process. Beyond the practical abilities of site supervision, we needed someone willing to grow with us; someone able to carry our core values and Serve Well mentality into the field.

In steps Josh Green (now known as "Greenie" in our circle).

Little did we know the true impact Greenie would have on Nexus 5 Group.

Josh joined the team with approximately 20 years of construction experience. While growing up in the Smithville area, he cut his teeth sweeping and cleaning residential construction projects at 15 years old. Learning the construction industry from his dad and others, he grew to learn multiple trades. Framing to plumbing. Laboring to finish carpentry. He learned the basics of most trades. Josh developed real world skills that parlayed into his first superintendent position. Other superintendent positions followed. Just prior to joining Nexus 5 Group, he'd been filling a position as a traveling superintendent for a company who renovated major big box stores across the country.

His first project with Nexus 5 Group was a large multifamily renovation.

These things are a whole different animal. They are unlike any other construction project in the world. Oh… the units were also occupied and we renovated the interiors. No easy task. However, he adjusted and adapted quickly. He developed good rapport with clients, tenants, property management, and subcontractors. He took the schedule by the horns and dodged every arrow that came his way. It was a bit of trial by fire, and he didn’t get torched. He proved his ability to adapt and overcome the daily obstacles while staying on schedule and building great relationships in the process. He was our guy.

Since that first project we have continued our growth as a company and some of that growth, particularly within our superintendent ranks, is directly tied to Greenie. Josh now assists in supervision of our additional superintendents while also carrying his own projects. He has been a good mentor, a wealth of knowledge, and served our team, clients, and subcontractors extremely well. Among others, Josh has also supervised projects that include renovations at Minsky’s Pizza, the corporate office of Home Builders Association of KC, and a full renovation of the famous Kansas City landmark, “The Bumblebee Building”, now headquarters to Cascade Health Services.

When asked what he enjoys most about his position Greenie responded, “I enjoy the everyday challenge, trouble shooting, and problem solving. Problem solving is my favorite. I also enjoy being the only person on a project that gets to truly see the physical process beginning to end.” When asked about what drew him to Nexus 5 Group he responded, “Growth and opportunity that I saw was available...”

Frankly, Greenie has been a catalyst to OUR growth as a company and growth of our superintendent team. Director of Operations, Tom Cowan, puts it this way. “Greenie is so well rounded. He’s like your top team player, the one with many skills… Superintendents have to communicate in a particular way and at certain times. He has the feel on how to deliver the message. It’s the ‘it factor.’ Difficult to explain or put into words at times… He does ‘it’ really well.”

The personal side.

Beyond the grind of superintendent life, Greenie does do some things outside of work. He is preparing to marry his fiancé and Nexus 5 Group team member, Emma. They are raising one daughter and have a baby on the way.

Josh spends time golfing, boating, hunting, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his family. He is a wonderful father and loving family man. He works hard and is always up for a laugh. He pours his heart into all he does. He spends extra hours serving well when no one is looking. He sets the bar high and strives for big things.

I have realized Greenie was not WHAT we needed, but WHO we needed and I consider it a privilege to be on the same team.

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