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Employee Spotlight: Gary Thurman

This month's Employee Spotlight is one of our field staff supervisors. Gary Thurman joined Nexus 5 Group on December 19, 2005. He has been the job foreman for our Willscot Project over the last year.

Gary has worn many hats on our team over the last several years. He's a key member of the team who has helped us continue to grow. In 2020, Gary and his team completed 178 jobs for Willscot. Gary supervises a crew of 4 – 7 tradesman at any given time. His crew genuinely looks up to him and he's a true leader of that crew.

40 Years of Construction

Gary was born and raised in the Kansas City area and has been in the construction industry for 40 years. He was a highway blaster for many years before coming to work at Nexus 5 Group. Gary is an avid fisherman and enjoys taking pictures of wildlife. He spends weekends at the lake or on the Niagara River doing what he loves most.

One thing I will say about Gary is that he adapts to everything. Even though his jobs and roles have changed several times, he always owns that job and truly cares about the results. His passion for Customer Fulfillment is second to none. He is always the one pushing the younger field staff to do the best job possible. Gary has the experience to complete his projects with absolutely no call backs or safety issues.

Words from other Team Members

Dani “As a project coordinator, working with Gary is a dream. From the paperwork, to supervising projects and other techs, to efficiently and effectively getting any task done. I never have to follow up or ask any questions. He makes sure that everything is completely taken care of before it hits my desk. He’s one of the hardest working and honest people I know!”

Brett “Gary is a seasoned veteran in the world of construction, maintenance, and repairs. He brings years of experience in those areas and loves to mentor new techs that works with him. Glad he is part of the team.”

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