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Employee Spotlight: Dani Heimsoth

By Tom Cowan, Director of Operations with Nexus 5 Group

Every month we spotlight a team member from the Nexus 5 Group. This month we would like to introduce Dani Heimsoth. She is a Project Coordinator for Nexus 5 Group. A project Coordinator has one of the most complex roles within the group. This position touches all aspects of our business, from client proposal requests to dispatching to estimating to accounting. This role truly is a Jill of all trades position.

Dani joined us in February of 2020. We asked her to share her back story, and here was what she said.

The Back Story

“I have 10 years of Hospitality Industry experience. To someone unfamiliar, any job within a restaurant or the hospitality field requires a high level of multitasking, customer service and work ethic that is unmatched in almost any other industry. I've worked almost every position within the restaurant. Host, Server, Bartender, Manager, Catering Manager.

As much as I loved the restaurant world and the industry, I knew it was time for a change and a better career building opportunity. Unsure of what I wanted to do and not having too many different experiences out of the hospitality and agriculture world, I knew that I have a work ethic, drive, and energy that I could easily transfer in a lot of different positions, but it was finding that one that really honed in all of my skills.

I applied to quite a few places to get my feet wet in jumping out of what I knew. Nexus 5 Group was the position I was most eager about hopefully hearing from! Construction seemed the most exciting and intriguing to me.”

A Perfect Fit

She interviewed with us, along with a few other candidates, and we quickly learned that she was the perfect fit. Everything she describes about herself as having a work ethic, drive and energy is true. She also possesses a kindness with just the right amount of confidence. Both are important for client interaction and dispatching, respectively.

After being here for less than a year, Dani is training our newest member as a 2nd project coordinator (but more on Alexis in another upcoming blog). Dani showed her resilience when asked to perform her new role while the pandemic was at its highest alert. Nexus was prepared to be remote with its staff, but not necessarily with a brand-new team member. I'm sure it was strange to learn from a Zoom meeting, but she pulled it off.

What we also got with Dani is that she really wants to be an innovator in her work environment. We don't have to motivate her to find better ways, she just does. Her latest addition to our processes is the integration of the Microsoft Teams chat with clients and techs. Seems easy, but the implementation was far from it.

Additional Thoughts from Dani

When asked to write a couple of tidbits about herself, she offered a few more thoughts. I would be lying if I said it didn't touch me:

“I am so grateful for Nexus 5 Group. Giving me this opportunity was something that I needed more than I even knew. It's scary leaving the comfort and lifestyle you've known for a decade. I thought the first job I was offered would be a transition job. Something to gain more experience. Then I could find something else in a couple of years.

I'm truly fortunate that I was able to find a job that I love and that I excel at, but I also found the best company to work for. I get asked quite frequently... So Dani, what are you doing these days? I proceed to tell them who I work for and what I do. They always follow up; do you like it? And I almost yell at them, I LOVE IT!

I am more than blessed and I cannot wait to progress with this growing company. For the first time, I can say I work for a company that I can build a career with, and I have wonderful growth opportunity. I don’t see myself leaving.

When I interviewed, I was told that Nexus 5 Group takes pride in their Culture at work. You hear some companies say they have a good crew or good culture. Nothing I've experienced compares to Nexus 5 Group. I laugh at work every single day. I have fun at work every single day. And I love the people I work with. When a partner, subcontractor, or any other company comes in and says, 'Man, I want to work here. Every time I come in the office you guys have music playing and are laughing.' That right there shows you how awesome Nexus 5 Group is. On top of that, we're a successful and GROWING business. You can enjoy your work environment and be productive at the same time.”

How fortunate we are to have found Dani. Yes, she is good at her job, but what a bonus that she is a pleasure to be around every day.

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