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Do you have too much on your plate? The struggle to be consistent and disciplined.

As I sit here writing this blog… let me be honest. I'm just not feeling it this time around. Consistency is difficult at times. I have to intentionally choose consistency at work and at home.

Typically, writing gives me an enjoyable outlet to be creative and to express myself in a quasi-public fashion. Normally I enjoy the process and the ability to sift through my thoughts to create a particular message. Not this time. Here I am sitting down an hour and a half before this is due when I usually have these completed 3-4 days early.

Why does consistency get hijacked so easily?

This seems like yet another task on my to do list, and I haven't had the inspiration I typically experience. It's been busy. It seems a new issue that needs immediate attention has come up daily. It has been busy at home. I've felt tired and worn out. I haven’t had much to give during my gym sessions, but have gone anyway… and those times usually bring energy and release. They haven’t lately.

I am a husband, and father to a great family, and they deserve my attention and quality time… To be clear, this is not written for your pity. The list can go on and on for all of us.

You've been there too.

Consistency is easy when everything is going according to plan.

It’s easy to ride high when there aren't many obstacles, friction, or challenges in life, whether that be work or home. However, when the tough times come, we're granted a choice. The responsibility of how I respond is my choice.

My circumstances, especially during challenging times, are going to draw out the depths of who I am. Challenging times are going to reveal the foundations of character, discipline, and consistency.

It is ME who chooses to succumb to the pressures of life, turn inward, be selfish, and focus on me…me…me, or it is ME who chooses to be disciplined and consistent, to choose gratefulness and thankfulness, to choose joy and rejoice in all circumstances. This is simply a change of perspective that exponentially increases my impact on those around me. Pending my choice, that impact is going to have greatly different consequences.

Remember “that guy” or “that woman” you worked with?

You know, the one who lacked consistency. We've all met or been one of these people. I have been guilty of this myself. As soon as they walked in the door, you had to make a quick read as to what type of day it was going to be. This was all dependent on that person’s circumstances.

In my life I have found that during those times I was not grounded and had poor perspective. I was inconsistent in most areas of life and had allowed my reactions to be dictated by uncontrollable circumstances instead of controlled by the foundations of discipline and who I was made to be.

On the other end is the person who lights up the room when they arrive.

They bring energy and peace. Their smile is infectious, and their encouragement and kind works are needed. Their jokes bring relief. They've chosen to walk with a different perspective in life. They have chosen to live a life of thankfulness, joy, and are typically selfless people. They encourage others by example and not just words.

They show others that it CAN be done during difficult or stressful times in life. Through discipline, they have found consistency in WHO they are which has bred consistency throughout all facets of life.

I didn’t want to write this blog today, but the choice is mine. I am going to choose to be disciplined. I am going to choose to be consistent. I am going to choose to operate out of WHO I am instead of operating out of the circumstances of the day. I know my circumstances change. However, the foundation of my life and who I was created to be does not change. I choose to operate out of who I am. I choose a different perspective.

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