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Due Diligence Process

Assurance for a Big Decision

Below is a high-level overview for the DD Process. We can tailor how much of the process we complete based on your needs. I would like to meet to provide more in-depth information on each step, but the attachments will provide additional information.

Let's Get STarted

Initial Reno and/or Start Plan

Once received of the memorandum initial renovation and /or property strategy plan and date for Due Diligence are set.

Our project team arrives to match the number of units and/or size of the property to start the DD process of walking units and/or exteriors and amenities.

Time For Action

Project Team Executes Due Diligence

Crunching The Numbers

Buyer Reviews Budget/ Reno Plans

Once the DD is competed, we meet with the buyer to go over budgets and renovations plans.

Once the direction is clear, budgets and/or summaries with pictures, engineer reports, etc. are presented to ownership so they can submit their package for lenders, etc.


Reports to Ownership

And So It Begins

Assist With Property Takeover and Reno Completion

Once the property is awarded, our teams help with takeover and renovations to completion.

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